SAMINK Eco Solvent for Mimaki BS3, BS4, ES3, HS, SS2, SS21

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SAMINK BS3, BS4, ES3, HS, SS2, SS21 Eco Solvent Inks Mimaki

Discover the ultimate eco-solvent ink solution with SAMINK's extensive range, specifically designed for Mimaki printers such as JV3, JV5, JV33, JV33BS, JV34-260, JV150, JV150BS, JV300, JV300BS, SWJ-320, CJV30, CJV30BS, CJV150, CJV150BS, CJV300, and CJV300BS. With over two decades of expertise since 1999, we have proudly crafted premium quality BS3, BS4, ES3, HS, SS2, and SS21 eco-solvent inks and cartridges that cater to your every printing need.

Experience the ease of plug-and-print technology, as SAMINK's vibrant color gamuts are meticulously engineered to match your printer's specifications, eliminating the need to alter any color profiles. Our eco-solvent inks ensure not only seamless compatibility with all popular vinyl stickers available but also promise exceptional results that will leave a lasting impression.

Choose SAMINK for a reliable and environmentally friendly printing solution that never compromises on quality.


600ml Ink Cartridges: SPC-0667K (BS3 600K), SPC-0667C (BS3 600C), SPC-0667M (BS3 600M), SPC-0667Y (BS3 600Y), SPC-0667F (SPC-0294) (BS3 600F).

BS3 2000ml Ink Bag with Chip

SPC-0693K (BS3 2K), SPC-0693C (BS3 2C),
SPC-0693M (BS3 2M), SPC-0693Y (BS3 2Y).


600ml Ink Cartridges: BS4-K-60 (BS4 600K), BS4-C-60 (BS4 600C), BS4-M-60 (BS4 600M), BS4-Y-60 (BS4 600Y), (BS4 600F).

BS4 2000ml Ink Bag with Chip

BS4-K-2L (BS4 2K), BS4-C-2L (BS4 2C), BS4-M-2L (BS4 2M), BS4-Y-2L (BS4 2Y).


440ml Ink Cartridges: SPC-0440K (ES3 440K), SPC-0440C (ES3 440C), SPC-0440M (ES3 440M), SPC-0440Y (ES3 440Y), SPC-0440Lc (ES3 440LC), SPC-0440Lm (ES3 440LM), SPC-0440F (ES3 440F). ES3 has no 2-liter ink bag option so you may want to convert ES3 to SS21 to use 2-liter ink bags on the MBIS3 Bulk Ink System version 3.  SS21 inks will work just as well as ES3 inks.


440ml Ink Cartridge: SPC-0473K (HS 440K), SPC-0473C (HS 440C), SPC-0473M (HS 440M), SPC-0473Y (HS 440Y), SPC-0473LC (HS 440LC), SPC-0473LM (HS 440LM), SPC-0473F (HS 440F).


440ml Cartridges: SPC-0380K (SS2 440K), SPC-0380C (SS2 440C), SPC-0380M (SS2 440M), SPC-0380Y (SS2 440Y), SPC-0380F (SS2 440F).


440ml Cartridge: SPC-0501K (SS21 440K), SPC-0501C (SS21 440C), SPC-0501M (SS21 440M), SPC-0501Y (SS21 440Y), SPC-0501LC (SS21 440LC), SPC-0501LM (SS21 440LM), SPC-0501CAP (SS21 440F).

SS21 2000ml Ink Bag with Chip

SPC-0588K (SS21 2K), SPC-0588C (SS21 2C), SPC-0588M (SS21 2M), SPC-0588Y (SS21 2Y), SPC-0588LC (SS21 2LC), SPC-0588LM (SS21 2LM), (SS21 2F)

Introducing the MBIS3 Bulk Ink System for 2-Liter Ink Bags:

Revolutionize your printing experience with the MBIS3, a state-of-the-art bulk ink system specifically designed for Mimaki printers. Unleash the power of 2-liter ink bags and witness a substantial reduction in your ink costs without compromising the impeccable consistency and reliability of SAMINK inks.

With a rich legacy of expertise in various bulk ink systems, we proudly present the MBIS3 as our simplest, cleanest, and most dependable solution to date. Expertly engineered to function in seamless harmony with your printer's ink system, the MBIS3 eliminates the need for additional chips, ink resetters, or other cumbersome workarounds.

Experience uninterrupted productivity as the MBIS3 intelligently auto-switches to the next full bag when ink levels are low, enabling continuous operation. Effortlessly manage up to 4 liters of ink per color! The MBIS3 utilizes vacuum-sealed, degassed ink bags, ensuring the same steadfast reliability as running cartridges.

Embrace the unparalleled convenience of our 2-liter ink bags, boasting the equivalent capacity of an impressive 4.54 cartridges! Make the smart choice and invest in the MBIS3 Bulk Ink System for 2-Liter Ink Bags - the epitome of efficiency, consistency, and reliability in the world of printing.

The MBIS3 is compatible with 

JV33-130, JV33-160, JV33-260
JV150-130, JV150-160
JV300-130, JV300-160

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1 litre bottles: 9 pcs/box, 16 boxes/layer, 5 pallet layers.

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Eco Sol 440 mL Cartridges: 10 pcs/box, 6 boxes/layer, 10 pallet layers.

Latex 831 775 mL Cartridges: 63 pcs / pallet layer.

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