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Warranty, Terms, & Conditions

Company Details
Inkjet Systems private limited
180 Clemenceau avenue. 02-02.  Singapore 239922.  Tel. +65-6333-3302.
Mr. Sam Leong BSc MSc MBA | Director | | WA +65-9011-2282.
Research, development, and manufacturer of inkjet inks.
Payment methods

Bank transfer.  There are 119 foreign commercial banks in Singapore.
Visa credit card merchant.
MasterCard merchant.
PayNow:  200502997K.

Product returns

30 days.


Valid for 7 working days.

Terms of use

Products are intended for use in inkjet printers.

Terms of payment

Advance payment.

Order cancellation

Orders can be canceled without cost.


Products are made in good faith and are of commercial quality.   Seller is indemnified of consequential liability.

Warranty / Guarantee

Products are warranted for one (1) year.  Defective products will be replaced or refunded.  Seller will replace parts and pay for service on account of a defective product.

Choice of law

Singapore law.

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