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Warranty, Terms, & Conditions

Company Details
NAME: Inkjet Systems Private Limited
REGISTERED OFFICE: 180 Clemenceau avenue. 02-02.  Singapore 239922.
FACTORY: 56 Loyang Way 02-18. Singapore 308775. Tel. +65-6333-3302.
CONTACT: Mr. Sam Leong MSc MBA | Director | | WA +65-9011-2282.
Payment methods

Bank transfer; Visa; MasterCard; PayPal:; PayNow:  200502997K.

Product returns

30 days.


Valid for 7 working days.


Products are made in good faith and are of commercial quality. Seller is indemnified of consequential liability.

Warranty / Guarantee

Products are warranted for one (1) year. Defective products will be replaced or refunded. Seller will replace parts and pay for service on account of a defective product.

Choice of law

Singapore law.

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