SAMINK Eco-Solvent MAX Inks 440ml 500ml 1000ml for Roland

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SAMINK® Eco-Solvent Max inks

Colorfastness: 10 years DTF Cotton. 3 years Billboards/Wraps Vinyl.
Shelf life: 5 years.
Ink drop: 3 pico-liters. Ink type: Eco-solvent.
Resolution technology: 1440 x 1440 dpi.
Print technology: Epson DX4, DX5, and DX7 piezo-electric inkjet printheads.
Operating temperature range: 15 to 30° C.
Storage temperature range: 5 to 35° C.
Warranty: Warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.
ISO9001:2000 Certified SAMINK® pursues both environmental protection and continuous quality improvement.

VersaStudio BN20, RE-640,
RS-540, RS-640 VersaArt
SJ-500, SJ-540, SJ-540EX, SJ-545EX, SJ-600, SJ-640, SJ-640EX, SJ-645EX, SJ-740, SJ-740EX, SJ-745EX, SJ-1000EX, SJ-1045EX.
SC-500, SC-540, SC-540EX, SC-545EX, SC-545EXW.
SP-300, SP-300i, SP-300V, SP-540, SP-540i, SP-540V, SP-540VVKIT.
SP-300i, 540i, VersaCAMM 30"/54" printer/cutter.
VP-540, VP-300 VersaCAMM CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.
VS-640 (Dx7), 64" VersaCAMM.  CMYKLcLm.
XC-540, XC-540MT, XC-540W, XC-540,
XJ-540, XJ-640, XJ-740.  SOLJET PRO III.

440ML PLUG-AND-PRINT CARTRIDGES SAMINK® Eco-Solvent Max plug-and-print 440 ml ink cartridge is a remarkable innovation in ink technology. These high-density inks dry faster and offer a wider color gamut, rugged scratch resistance, broad support for uncoated media, and three years of outdoor durability. This ink offers GREENGUARD certification, is odorless, and does not need any ventilation. Black (esl3-4k), Cyan (esl3-4c), Magenta (esl3-4m), Yellow (esl3-4y), Light-Cyan (esl3-4Lc), Light-Magenta (esl3-4Lm), Flush (esl3-4f) For cleaning.

500ML INK BOTTLES Black (Eco-Solvent 500mL K), Cyan (Eco-Solvent 500mL C), Magenta (Eco-Solvent 500mL M), Yellow (Eco-Solvent 500mL Y), Light-Cyan (Eco-Solvent 500mL Lc), Light-Magenta (Eco-Solvent 500mL Lm), Flush (Eco-Solvent 500mL Flush).

500ML HORIZONTAL BULK INK SYSTEM WITH PERMANENT CHIP For 500ml Ink Bottles. 500mL BIS Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light-Cyan, Light-Magenta, Flush. 500mL Bulk Ink System with no Chip (500mL BIS Flush).


1-LITER INK BOTTLE. 1L Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light-Cyan, Light-Magenta, Flush.

1-LITER BULK INK SYSTEMFor 1-liter ink bottles. SAMINK® Bulk Ink System delivers the best print performance. Each BIS cartridge comes with a colored chip. ELS3-BISK, ELS3-BISC, ELS3-BISM, ELS3-BISY, ELS3-BISLC, ELS3-BISLM.

SOLVENT SWABS. For cleaning solvent printheads, wiper blades, wiping stations, caps, and capping stations. The long handle is good for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Chemical resistant excellent absorbency polyurethane foam with 100 ppi open-cell structure. It comes in 100 pieces per bag.
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1 litre bottles: 9 pcs/box, 16 boxes/layer, 5 pallet layers.

5 litre bottles (13.5x18.5x30cm): 2 pcs/box (28.5x19.9x31.5cm), 20 boxes/layer, 4 pallet layers.

Eco Sol 440 mL Cartridges: 10 pcs/box, 6 boxes/layer, 10 pallet layers.

Latex 831 775 mL Cartridges: 63 pcs / pallet layer.

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