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1999: solvent ink factory

2000: eco-solvent inks

2005: pigment inks

2010: latex inks

2020: TruVis, MS41 inks


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Born on the 11th of November 1965, Sam Leong® holds a MSc. in Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin USA, an MBA from the Golden Gate University USA, and conducted research at Cambridge.

Sam owns the brands SAMINK®, ECOSAM®, and SAM LEONG®.

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Company Secretary

Michael Palmer was elected Speaker of the Singapore Parliament on 10 October 2011.  He was the eighth Speaker in the history of the Singapore Parliament since it started in 1955 as a Legislative Assembly.

Michael was a Member of Parliament between 2006 to 2012.  He served on the Estimates Committee of the 11th Parliament and chaired the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Defense and Foreign Affairs.

In July 2011, he was appointed the Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Home Affairs and Law.  He was also a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for National Development and the Environment.



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Sam's lineage is marked by resilience. His grandfather, HW Leong, was a war hero who, in the crucial year of 1941, demonstrated remarkable courage by saving thousands of prisoners. This legacy of bravery set a high standard for the family. Sam's father, Alan Leong, grew up under humble circumstances, his schooling conducted in a canvas tent. Despite these challenges, Alan persevered to become a school teacher.

Sam himself is no stranger to overcoming adversity. Born in 1965, he was raised in Singapore, a nation known for its rich racial diversity. Growing up in this environment, Sam developed a deep understanding of the challenges that many families face, along with an appreciation for cultural diversity. His personal journey, influenced by his family's history of courage, has shaped him into a person who values hard work.

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From a young age, Sam displayed remarkable determination. At the tender age of 13, he began working at a local grocery store. Rather than dwelling on any setbacks he faced, Sam embraced a proactive approach to life. He cultivated a philosophy that would become the cornerstone of his personal journey: the power of 'mindset'. This concept, which he deeply believed in, was more than just a positive attitude. It was a conviction that with the right mindset, positive outcomes would inevitably follow. This belief in the transformative power of mindset has been a guiding force throughout his life, influencing both his decisions and his successes.

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Sam's journey through academia and into the professional world is a testament to his drive and ingenuity. To finance his education at the University of Texas at Austin, he juggled multiple jobs on campus, showcasing his work ethic. His hard work paid off when he graduated at the top of his class, earning a scholarship to pursue a Master of Science degree.

After completing his studies, Sam began his professional career at Hewlett Packard, a role that saw him involved in the global production of printers. His talent and hard work didn't go unnoticed, and by 1995 he had risen to the position of regional marketing manager. In 1997, Sam's innovative spirit led him to invent the world’s first recyclable inkjet media, a groundbreaking achievement in the field of sustainable technology.

Following this success, in 1999, Sam launched his own venture, SAMINK®, focusing on the production of eco solvent inks. This endeavor underscored his commitment to environmental sustainability and marked a significant milestone in his career as an entrepreneur.

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Sam's dedication to his work was unwavering, often stretching his days to 16 hours of relentless effort. His mornings were spent tirelessly walking the streets, gradually wearing down the heels of his shoes, as he sought out new clients. In the afternoons, he devoted himself to the physical task of manufacturing, an endeavor that left its mark on him in the form of sweat-stained shirts and aching muscles. This rigorous routine was a testament to his commitment to his business.

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Sam's path has not been without its challenges, but he has always been determined to learn from each experience, ensuring that the same errors would not be repeated. Alongside him on this journey is his wife, Dr. Grace. Together, they have three children: Elizabeth, aged 22; Victoria, 19; and Alexander, 15. This family unit stands as a testament to his personal dedication.