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For Latex 310, 315, 330, 335, 360, 365, and 560 printers. SAMINK 831 775ml latex ink cartridges are compatible with 831A, 831B, and 831C countries.

Introducing Freedom by SAMINK

Experience unparalleled brilliance and rich, vibrant colors with our premium latex inks, crafted to deliver exceptional photo image quality up to 1200 dpi. Our cost-effective solution boasts superior pigment quality, ensuring flawless Pantone color accuracy for stunning displays that will captivate and inspire.

Singapore ISO9001

Proudly manufactured under the rigorous ISO9001 quality control system, our inks offer seamless printing without the need for color profile adjustments. Embrace the freedom to create without compromising on health or environmental standards, as our water-based formula meets global regulatory requirements. The safety data sheet is readily available upon request for your peace of mind.

Outdoor Durability

Count on our inks for an impressive four years of outdoor durability with lamination, and enjoy the versatility of compatibility with all latex-compatible media and laminates. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, we've garnered thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

24 Years Experience

Place your trust in us, with over 24 years of experience in assembling latex cartridges and a steadfast money-back guarantee. The prices we offer include shipping from Singapore to your doorstep, ensuring speedy delivery within 3 to 5 days, depending on your location. Our USA clients typically receive their orders in just three days!

Choose Freedom by SAMINK and elevate your displays to new heights of color and vibrancy.


Surviving a Recession: How Switching to SAMINK Can Help Your Business Stay Afloat

In the face of a recession, businesses across all industries are forced to re-evaluate their expenses and look for ways to cut costs. For print service providers, one area where significant savings can be made is by switching to SAMINK.

Here are some reasons why switching to SAMINK can help a print service provider stay afloat:

Reduced cost of production:

Ink is a significant cost for print service providers. By switching to SAMINK, businesses can save money on their production cost, which can significantly impact their bottom line.

Improved profit margins:

Print service providers can improve their profit margins by reducing their production costs. This can make their services more competitive, which can help them win more business and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Increased versatility:

SAMINK often comes with Bulk Ink Systems, which can allow print service providers to offer more versatile prices to their clients. This can help businesses to attract more clients and increase their revenue streams.

Enhanced customer satisfaction:

Print service providers can better meet their client's needs and expectations with more versatile prices. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, which can help businesses to retain clients and generate repeat business.

More sustainable practices:

Bulk Ink Systems can often be more eco-friendly, which can help print service providers adopt more sustainable practices. This can appeal to clients who prioritize sustainability, which can help businesses to win more business and improve their reputation.


Switching to SAMINK is a smart way for print service providers to save money, improve their profit margins, and stay competitive in a recession. By doing so, businesses can better meet their client's needs, retain clients, and generate repeat business while adopting more sustainable practices.



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1 litre bottles: 9 pcs/box, 16 boxes/layer, 5 pallet layers.

5 litre bottles (13.5x18.5x30cm): 2 pcs/box (28.5x19.9x31.5cm), 20 boxes/layer, 4 pallet layers.

Eco Sol 440 mL Cartridges: 10 pcs/box, 6 boxes/layer, 10 pallet layers.

Latex 831 775 mL Cartridges: 63 pcs / pallet layer.

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