Surviving a Recession: How Switching to SAMINK Can Help Your Business Stay Afloat


The recessions of 2001, 2007, and 2020 created an ink dilemma.

"Switching to SAMINK in 2001 was key and it helped my business stay afloat"

"I saved money in 2007 by making the switch"

"Using SAMINK helped me thrive despite the 2020 recession"

In the face of a recession, businesses across all industries are forced to re-evaluate their expenses and look for ways to cut costs. For print service providers, one area where significant savings can be made is by switching to SAMINK.

Here are some reasons why switching to SAMINK can help a print service provider stay afloat:

  1. Reduced cost of production: Ink is a significant cost for print service providers. By switching to SAMINK, businesses can save money on their cost of production, which can have a significant impact on their bottom line.

  2. Improved profit margins: By reducing their production costs, print service providers can improve their profit margins. This can make their services more competitive, which can help them win more business and stay competitive in the marketplace.

  3. Increased versatility: SAMINK often come with Bulk Ink Systems, which can allow print service providers to offer more versatile prices to their clients. This can help businesses to attract more clients and increase their revenue streams.

  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction: With more versatile prices, print service providers can better meet their client's needs and expectations. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, which can help businesses to retain clients and generate repeat business.

  5. More sustainable practices: Bulk Ink Systems can often be more eco-friendly, which can help print service providers adopt more sustainable practices. This can appeal to clients who prioritize sustainability, which can help businesses to win more business and improve their reputation.

In conclusion, switching to SAMINK is a smart way for print service providers to save money, improve their profit margins, and stay competitive in a recession. By doing so, businesses can better meet their client's needs, retain clients, and generate repeat business, all while adopting more sustainable practices.


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