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SAMINK ® mutoh valuejet bulk ink system

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$88.88 USD

We have been selling this bulk ink system for 15 years already.
Please note: The cartridges are only pairwise available!
The Chip-card reader is fixed sideway. With every ordered litre eco solvent ink we deliver the required Mutoh chip cards for free. Inks must be ordered separately.
The ink cartridge is filled by the above-patched volume automatically.
Bigger ink supply with direct access
Easy filling by the large opening on top
Compatible with the following printers:
Agfa Grand Sherpa Universal AM
Brunner/Spandex Jetster XL
Mutoh Rockhopper II, III, Spitfire
Mutoh ValueJet 628, 1204, 1304, 1324(x), 1604, 1614, 1624(x), 1638, 2638
Océ CS9050, CS9065, CS9090, CS9160  
Xerox 8254e, 8264e, 8265, 8290, 8365, 8390
A simple but effective way of converting your printer to take bulk eco solvent ink, the bulk ink cartridge replaces the normal cartridge and a valve system inside the bulk ink cartridge allows ink to flow from the bulk tank to a level that will maintain the correct pressure on the printheads. The bulk ink cartridge has a built-in reader which takes a sim card (type A or B) which is supplied with every litre of ink purchased. Now compatible with original Mutoh ink & no need to flush out before switching. Full conversion instructions are supplied.
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