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SAM★INK® Smart Tank GT51XL, GT52 Ink Bottle Cartridge

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$4.95 USD

We have been making this ink set for 20 years already.

Our happy clients enjoy a lifetime of high-quality photographs.

Compatible with hp DeskJet GT 5810 and 5820 All-in-One Printers, Ink Tank 310 series, Ink Tank Wireless 410 series, Smart Tank 350 series, Smart Tank Wireless 450 series, Smart Tank 510 series, Smart Tank Plus 550 series, Smart Tank Plus 610 series.

GT51XL 135ml bottle cartridge prints 6,000 pages.

GT52 70ml bottle cartridge prints 8,000 pages.

hp GT51/GT52 2-pack Black/Tri-color Printhead Replacement Kit.