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SAM★INK® G-1000liter for canon pixma G office printers.

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$3,995.00 USD

If it seems like you're always buying small ink-cartridges, why don't you change to buying refills? Introducing the SAM★INK® G-500ml refills. Printing has never been so convenient or cost-effective, thanks to the innovative refill which delivers up to 30,000 crisp black pages and 40,000 magnificent color pages. It would take more than 400 ink-cartridges to make the same amount of prints. Which means that you won't have to purchase ink for a very long time. And the print quality? Exceptional, with crisp, clean documents and gorgeous photos. Are you ready for the SAM★INK® G refills? Good because it will always be ready for you!
20 years of ink making | 15 years of printhead life
1,000,000 ml for canon pixma G printers
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20 years of intellectual property

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