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SAM★INK® eco-sol max 2 autofill adapter horizontal.

$29.95 USD

SAM★INK® AutoFill Cartridge ESL4-4BK Roland ECO-SOL MAX 2 MAX2 Black.
Works with SAM★INK® AutoFill 500ml and 1000ml bottles.
Permanent chip included.

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SAM★INK® AutoFill 500ml Bottles and AutoFill Cartridge.


Photo of SAMINK® AutoFill Cartridges and AutoFill 500ml bottles.
AutoFill Features & benefits:
Highest productivity 500ml unattended production printing.
Absolutely the lowest cost per square feet in the industry.
Easy 5-minutes install and uninstall.  No flushing needed.
Clean environment and no-mess plug and play operations.
Each AutoFill cartridge comes with a permanent chip.
Thousands of users worldwide.

    Video of FLAAR Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth inspects SAMINK® ECOSAM® Roland Eco-Sol MAX2 eco-solvent Inks.
    SAM★INK® ECOSAM® Roland ECO-SOL MAX2 Inks key features and benefits:
    Eco-Sol MAX and MAX2 matched wide color gamut for reds, greens, & blues.
    Faster drying time for accelerated production speeds.
    Superior scratch resistance for durability & easy handling.
    Wider range of low-cost uncoated medias.
    Virtually odorless with no harmful Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs.
    Use the same Roland VersaWorks RIP ICC media color profiles.
    No need to flush.  Eco-Sol MAX MAX2 compatible.
    Durability up to three years outdoors without lamination.
    Secure no-mess cartridges for standard print shop environments.
    All deliver legendary quality for brilliant prints that last for years to come.
    Money back guarantee.
      SAM★INK® AutoFill Cartridge ESL4-4BK Roland ECO-SOL MAX2 Black.

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