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ECOSAM Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Table Stand

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$110.50 USD

ECOSAM Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Stand and Drip Catcher and Refillable Bottle for Office Entrances.

  • 💧 PROMOTES SAFETY & HYGIENE - W.H.O. Recommended formula to keep your hands clean and sanitized at all times. Just place your hand under the sanitizer/soap dispenser and a good amount of hand sanitizing solution will drip on your palms.
  • 💧 PORTABLE FOR ANY SETTING - Place this lightweight automatic dispenser unit in an office, home, lobby, school, church, gym, mall, airport, clinic, hospital, MRT station, building, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • 💧 EXTREMELY COMPATIBLE - This hand sanitizer station is compatible with any gel or liquid sanitizer brand. The refillable bottle has a 1200 ML capacity that is easily accessible in this sanitiser station.
  • 💧 INCLUDED - This unit comes with the Automatic Dispenser, Power Supply, (Optional) Steel Floor Stand, Drip Catcher, and Refillable Inner Bottle. Not to mention a screwdriver and wrench to make assembly easy! Sanitizer and Batteries not included (Needs 4 C Sized Batteries)
  • 💧 TOUCHLESS AND HANDS FREE - You do not need to touch or press any buttons, simply place your hand under the dispenser and sanitizer will automatically drip into your palm. 3,000 sprays a liter.
  • Assembled in Singapore.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed | One-Year Warranty.
  • Optional Table and Floor Stand.
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