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SAM*INK® 72 130-ml Ink-Cartridge MATTE-BLACK

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This is a pigment ink.

SAM*INK® 72 130-ml Ink-Cartridge MATTE-BLACK.

SAM*INK® 72 for HP T610-24", T620-24", T770-44", T790-24", T795-44", T1100-44", T1100ps-44", T1120-24", T1120ps-24", T1120-44", T1120ps-44", T1120 SD-MFP-44", T1200-44", T1200ps-44", T1300-44", T2300-44", T2300ps-44", SD Pro MFP-44".


sam ink inks t2300

Photo:  HP DesignJet T2300 eMFP Printer.

SAM*INK® is formulated, designed, and engineered to work together with HP 72 T-series printers as an optimized printing system.  It provides exceptional print quality and reliability - print after print.

  • SAM*INK® 72 130-ml Matte Black Ink-Cartridge.
  • SAM*INK® 72 130-ml Photo Black Ink-Cartridge.
  • SAM*INK® 72 130-ml Cyan Ink-Cartridge.
  • SAM*INK® 72 130-ml Magenta Ink-Cartridge.
  • SAM*INK® 72 130-ml Yellow Ink-Cartridge.
  • SAM*INK® 72 130-ml Gray Ink-Cartridge.

The system is exceptionally consistent - providing less down time and increased productivity.

  • Image Quality.
  • Consistency.
  • Performance.
  • Durability.
  • Value.

Try these popular inks and experience optimum performance from your printing system today.

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