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sam ink private lable

We Manufacture For Top Brands

3 reasons why Brands and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) seek private label manufacturers.

Fully customized packaging layouts that integrate smoothly into your existing product range.

  • Attack NEW market segments current product team could not reach.  Forever eliminate expenses in engineering human resources, factory rents, and manufacturing infrastructure maintenance.
  • Adopt NEW chemistry & chips technology within 30-days.
  • Keep up-to-date with industry developments to satisfy your customers' requirements immediately. 
  • RAPID time-to-market efficiency, reduce R&D cost and power your business.
  • Enrich Brand equity and improve customer retention to protect your existing market share.
  • Material-Safety-Date Sheets MSDS certification in the English language.
  • Create a personalized and unique image that strengthens customer loyalty.  Customize packaging that integrates smoothly into your existing product range.
  • Expand your sales by applying a full-color custom label with your logos, contact information, and reorder information Free-Of-Charge.
  • ISO9001 & ISO14000 high-quality product certifications that conform to USA, European Union, Japanese, and all international import and guarantee standards.  Elevating your company's image.
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY confidentiality and in-house protected designs.
  • Seamless integration into your existing assortment with the same product design layout.
  • Independent marketing activities and pricing strategy for effective differentiation, policy shaping, and strategic market positioning.
  • Lightning speed market penetration. e.g. Latex market segments.
  • Customer support resources in the English language are well developed and organized.

sam ink private label

Please feel free to contact us:

Mr. Jeron TAYAG.
INKJET SYSTEMS Private Limited
16 Kallang Place 04-22.  Singapore 339156.
m:  +65.8338-3690.  t: +65.6333-3302.  f: +65.6354-7632.


We already have extensive experience collaborating and developing custom inks and coatings for some of the world's most respected OEMs and Private Label brands in the industry.  Our inkjet research & development capabilities are unique and unsurpassed in the industry.  Our human resources include expert chemists, industrial scientists, application engineers, and software experts focused on inkjet formulation and micro-electronic chips integration.


Sam Leong, CEO.  WhatsApp:  +65.9011-2282.