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Career Opportunities

sam ink career

Regardless of race, language, or religion, we believe that every man and woman are born equal.

Some are born to cure the most dreadful diseases.

We were born to make the most incredible inks.


We also believe that every man and woman is born free.

And when you come to work for us, you have freedom.


A firm foundation

We pay salaries above the market rate.

The company's financials sit on a solid rock for almost 20 years.


We are clear about our mission

You will work with others who share the same feelings for people's freedom to prosper.

A mission where new experiences abound.



We live in an era of robotics and artificial intelligence.

We value work-life balance where we work some days from home.


We put our people first

We care for our staff and we see them care for one another.

A place that lives on trust.



If you are interested to join us, just drop Sam a whatsapp at +65-9011-2282

or email to

On the subject of your whatsapp or email, state what you were born to be.

Sam Leong BSc MSc MBA ceo.