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Career Opportunities / Shared Economy

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Freedom to become a Specialist or a CEOs

You’ve set your sights high.  You want to achieve great things.  We can help.  Our diverse development programs have customized careers routes to offer depending on your passion, skills, and goals.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll have access to a fantastic support structure - including the CEO, your own personal mentor, who’ll be on hand to offer advice and guidance throughout your program.

Opportunities and responsibilities to prove your mettle will come quickly, and on a scale that you’d be hard pushed to find anywhere else.  Plus you’ll have the freedom to drive your own development and ultimately determine your own destiny.


Choose Your Route To The Top.  Two Paths:  Specialist Or Management

Broadly speaking, you can go one of two ways.  If you’re the kind of talented, decisive and unshakably focused individual who just knows where their future lies, then one of our Specialist programs will be spot on.  In a nutshell, this is your chance to become an expert in Financial Control, Research, and Development, Marketing, Software Engineering, or Manufacturing.  It gives you the chance to gain professional qualifications that open countless doors; and your chance to absorb a mixture of first-rate technical training and invaluable commercial experience.

Alternatively, there’s the SAM★INK® Management Program.  Lasting 3 years, the management program provides business-leaders-in-the-making the opportunity to develop expertise across a range of functions.  That breadth of front-line management experience, plus the endless CEO support that comes with it, all add up to create a development package that turns the very good into true business greats.

How High Do You Want To Go?  CEO?  If you’ve set your sights firmly on the top, this is how to get there...

You could imagine doing a lot of different things.  Want to try yourself in several different areas before deciding where to specialize?  Then the Management Program is the program for you.  Comprising of 3, 1-year placements, it provides the perfect grounding for a career in business leadership.

You’ll be stretched like never before.  You’ll gain experience right across the business - from manufacturing to HR.  You’ll manage projects on an international level, lead teams, make decisions with real consequences and so much more.

Your first 2 years will give you a flying start.  You'll do one in demand generation (i.e. Sales or Marketing) and one in supply (Manufacturing or Supply Chain).  The 3rd year will be a high-profile team leadership role in the part of the business you’ll subsequently join as a manager.

Right throughout the program, the challenges will come thick and fast.  You could be a brand executive on a product marketing project.  Or find yourself involved in sales, analyzing the impulse go-to-market for key international accounts.  Alternatively, you might shine in a corporate finance role, getting to grips with global growth opportunities.  Or acting as a project manager making far-reaching changes to supply chain capacity.  Whatever your role, you’ll gain experience across many areas of our business.



The CEO will be your personal mentor for the whole duration of the program.  Plus you’ll receive regular reviews with the CEO himself – designed to develop your talent, work on your development areas and take you out of your comfort zone, time and again. 

However, this is not a one-way process.  You’ll know better than anyone what your strengths and weaknesses are.  So you’ll have a big say as to which areas you want to improve, and how.  We’ll then do our best to provide you with the opportunities and resources you need to fulfill your potential.  We like to think of it as strongly supported, but self-directed development.  And for those with the right levels of drive and determination, it can open all kinds of doors.

As you’ve probably realized, this isn’t your average management program. The Management Program is open only to graduates with a proven level of achievement.  It’s designed to attract exceptional, determined and highly capable graduates who are prepared to learn, improve and grow.  It’s a program that exposes people to a very broad range of experiences, the pressures of leadership, the value of networking and much else besides.  In the final instance, it creates generalists with the commercial experience, maturity, and insight to run the business world of tomorrow.  As a member of the Management Program, you'll go wherever the opportunity is, so you'll need to be flexible enough to work at any of our franchisee-sites in the world while completing the program.

Working in Management pays $50,000.


Ready to test yourself against the very best?

Want to be part of our Management Program?  Then WhatsApp the CEO Sam m +65-9011-2282 or email to find out more.

Either way, it’s a formula that’s enabled countless grads, from right across the business, to start their own SAM★INK® success stories.  Where will yours begin?


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Sam Leong BSc. MSc. MBA.

CEO SAM★INK® WhatsApp +65 9011-2282.