Importers Wanted: 720 Bottles, Ex-Singapore, ISA 2023 Vegas


Importers Wanted: 720 Bottles on a Pallet Ex-Singapore, Available in Vegas. 5 Years Shelf Life.

Hey there! We're so grateful for your incredible support over the past 24 years. Our founder, Mr. Sam Leong (MSc, MBA, USA), started SAMINK back in 1999, right here in beautiful Singapore. As you know, Singapore is a proud ally of the Free World, and we've built our company on the foundation of Freedom.

You know, Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth from FLAAR Reports has come by a few times to check us out, even calling SAMINK the world's first independent global inkjet ink manufacturer! We're quite proud of that.

Over these 24 years, we've been making top-notch ISO9001 eco-solvent, solvent, and latex inks, and we're not slowing down! We can't wait to build long-lasting relationships with awesome importers like you.

Take care, and we're super excited to see you at ISA 2023 in Las Vegas! Don't forget to swing by our booth, number 3161. God bless!

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