How to register trademarks in 51 countries?

do i need to register my trademark?
Inkjet Systems Pte Ltd owns the trademark SAM★INK®.
The SAM★INK® trademark is registered in 51 countries.
Inkjet System Pte Ltd invested 20 years and more than USD3,000,000 to register SAM★INK® with 51 governments.
Inkjet Systems Pte Ltd has successfully prosecuted in all jurisdictions.
1. Argentina 2012-April-4th.

2. Australia 2010-June-4th.
3. Brasil 2017-December-5th.
4. Canada 2020-January-01.
5. Chile 2013-August-29th.
6. China 2009-October-28th.
7. Colombia 2011-December-22nd.
8. European Union 2008-September-17th. (28 countries).
9. India 2005-June-9th.
10. Indonesia 2009-April-17th.
11. Japan 2011-February-25th.
12. Malaysia 2010-May-14th.
13. Mexico 2011-September-13th.
14. Nigeria 2015-April-29th.
15. Peru 2015-August-3rd.
16. Philippines 2011-April-21st.
17. Russia 2011-February-4th.
18. Singapore 2005-March-8th.
19. South-Africa 2011-May-10th.
20. Thailand 2010-May-27th.
21. Turkey 2010-October-18th.
22. United Arab Emirates 2007-November-18th.
23. United States of America 2010-June-8th.
24. Vietnam 2017-August-24th.

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