What is MS41 ink?

What is MS41 ink?

SAM LEONG MSc MBA USA · 4th November 2023.

What is MS41 Ink?

In the world of printing, the ink you choose can make all the difference. MS41 ink is emerging as a favorite among professionals for its versatility, vibrancy, and endurance. But what exactly is MS41 ink, and why is it becoming a go-to choice for so many? Let’s dive into the details of MS41 ink and explore its wide array of applications and benefits.


MS41 Ink Technology: A Modern Solution for Quality Prints

The Evolution of Eco-Solvent Inks

MS41 inks represent the latest advancement in eco-solvent ink technology. They are specifically designed for piezo drop-on-demand head technology, which is integrated into state-of-the-art printers like the Mutoh XpertJet 1641SR Pro and XpertJet 1682SR. These inks offer low maintenance and high efficiency, delivered in eco-friendly aluminum foil packs that reduce waste and fit into reusable cases for the XpertJet printers.

High-Tech Manufacturing for Superior Results

The manufacturing of MS41 ink is a high-tech process carried out by expert scientists and engineers. This sophisticated production not only ensures top-notch quality but also aligns with advanced economies’ standards, like those of Singapore, where these eco solvent inks are produced.

MS41 Sign and Display Inks: Bringing Colors to Life

A Spectrum of Vibrant Colors

MS41 inks come in a variety of colors, including cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black, and orange. This array allows for the creation of vibrant high-density prints with impressive dot gain, making them perfect for an extensive range of applications.

Exceptional Dot Gain and Color Range

The dot gain control of MS41 inks is remarkable, ensuring that colors are vivid and that high-density areas in prints are sharp and clear. The inclusion of orange eco solvent ink expands the color gamut, particularly enhancing the range of reds, oranges, and yellows, while the light inks are formulated to produce flawless skin tones and smooth gradients.

MS41 Ink Safety: Certified for Peace of Mind

GREENGUARD Gold Certification

When it comes to safety, MS41 inks are certified with GREENGUARD Gold, meaning they meet strict chemical emissions limits and can be used safely in various environments, including healthcare facilities and schools.

Safe for Sensitive Spaces

The certification of MS41 inks ensures that prints can be placed in sensitive areas without concern. This level of safety is crucial for businesses that cater to environments like hospitals and daycares.

MS41 Ink Durability: Built to Last

Withstanding the Test of Time and Elements

MS41 inks are not just about vibrant prints; they are also about durability. These inks are suitable for long-term outdoor and indoor use, boasting excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Longevity Without Compromise

Prints created with MS41 inks are designed to last. They have a shelf life of two years and can withstand outdoor elements without lamination for up to three years, maintaining their quality and appearance.

MS41 Ink Cost: Efficiency Meets Affordability

A Smart Investment for Businesses

Cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage of MS41 inks. They offer low maintenance and are competitively priced, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their operations without compromising on quality.

Low Maintenance, High Value

With MS41 inks, operators can enjoy an efficient printing process that doesn’t require constant upkeep. This ease of maintenance, combined with the eco solvent ink’s affordability, makes it a smart choice for businesses.

MS41 Ink Application Possibilities: Endless Creativity

From Billboards to Wall Graphics

The application possibilities with MS41 inks are virtually limitless. They can be used for high-quality production of various sign and display graphics, both for outdoor and indoor spaces. Whether it’s banners, decals, vehicle wraps, or backlit signage, MS41 inks provide the quality and durability needed for standout results.

Unrestricted Creativity in Printing

With certifications that attest to their safety and composition, MS41 inks enable full room coverage and can be used in sensitive environments, offering businesses and creators unrestricted application possibilities.

MS41 Inks: The SAMINK Performance Guarantee

Confidence in Every Print

SAMINK, the manufacturing leader behind MS41 inks, offers a performance guarantee that ensures confidence in the longevity and appearance of prints made with their product. This guarantee is a testament to the reliability and quality of MS41 inks.

MS41 Ink Shelf-Life and Expiry Dates: Plan with Precision

Ensuring Freshness and Performance

With a two-year shelf life, MS41 inks provide businesses with the flexibility to plan their inventory and usage without worrying about the eco solvent ink expiring unexpectedly. This longevity in storage translates to sustained performance over time.

MS41 Ink Unrestricted Level of Application: Freedom in Usage

GREENGUARD Gold Certification for Versatile Use

The environmental certifications of MS41 inks, like the GREENGUARD Gold, not only ensure safety but also provide a broad spectrum of application possibilities, reinforcing the idea that with MS41 inks, the only limit is your imagination.

Singapore: The Production Hub of MS41 Eco Solvents

Recognized as a leading eco-solvent producer, Singapore boasts one of the most extensive oil refining capacities globally.

Jurong Island of Singapore stands as a pivotal site for the manufacture of eco-solvents, contributing to the MS41's quality.

Formulating MS41 Ink Black with Premium Carbon Black

The Carbon Black used in MS41 ink black undergoes rigorous R&D in Singapore, ensuring top-tier pigment quality.

The Vivid Essence of MS41 Ink Cyan: Crafted from Copper Phthalocyanine

Copper Phthalocyanine Pigment Blue 15, the vibrant core of MS41 ink cyan, is meticulously produced in Singapore's high-tech facilities.

The Rich Hue of MS41 Ink Magenta Originates from Pigment Red 122

Pigment Red 122, the cornerstone of MS41 ink magenta's deep color, is synthesized within Singapore's advanced research institutes.

Crafting MS41 Ink Yellow with Distinctive Pigment Yellow 150

Pigment Yellow 150, the radiant base of MS41 ink yellow, is not only produced but also globally dispatched from Singapore.

MS41 Ink Production: Adherence to ISO9001 Standards

The production of MS41 ink aligns with the rigorous ISO9001 quality management system to ensure superior quality.

Advanced Filtration for MS41 Inks: Under One Micron Precision

MS41 inks undergo fine filtration to prevent printhead blockages, ensuring a particle size of less than one micron.

Nanoscale Precision in MS41 Ink Pigment Production

Utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnology, MS41 ink pigments are engineered to nanometer dimensions for optimal performance.

The high-precision nanotechnology used in MS41 inks is maintained to the highest standards in Singapore's state-of-the-art facilities.

High-Tech Craftsmanship Behind MS41 Ink Manufacturing

MS41 ink is the product of the expertise of seasoned scientists and engineers in a high-tech manufacturing environment.

The sophisticated production process of MS41 ink is emblematic of Singapore's advanced technological landscape.

Environmental Impact of MS41 Inks

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a critical factor in business operations. The MS41 inks contribute to eco-friendly practices with their lower VOC emissions compared to other solvent inks. This characteristic makes them suitable for businesses seeking greener solutions without compromising on print quality. Additionally, their compatibility with the SAMINK bulk ink system underscores a commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental responsibility.

MS41 Inks' Adaptability for Various Printing Needs

The versatility of MS41 inks extends beyond substrate compatibility. They are adept at delivering high-quality results for a multitude of printing applications, from large-format banners to intricate vehicle wraps. This adaptability ensures that businesses using MS41 inks can cater to a broad spectrum of client requests, making them a go-to solution for print shops aiming to expand their service offerings.

Advancements in Color Technology with MS41 Inks

Color technology is at the heart of impactful print results. MS41 inks have been engineered to produce a wider color gamut and richer blacks, providing deeper and more vibrant hues. This enhancement in color technology means that prints have a more dynamic and visually appealing finish, which is crucial for businesses in the competitive field of graphic printing.

Streamlined Workflow with MS41 Inks

The MS41 ink system is designed to streamline the printing process, enabling a more efficient workflow. The quick-drying nature of the eco solvent ink reduces wait times between printing and finishing, which can significantly boost productivity. This efficiency is vital for businesses looking to maximize throughput and reduce turnaround times for their clients.

MS41 Inks and the Competitive Edge

In a crowded market, businesses need to leverage every advantage. MS41 inks provide a competitive edge through their superior print quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. By adopting MS41 inks, printing businesses can offer a superior product that meets clients' demands for quality and longevity, while also managing their production costs effectively.

Training and Support for MS41 Ink Systems

Adopting a new ink system can be daunting, but SAMINK provides comprehensive training and support for the MS41 inks. This ensures that businesses can transition smoothly and make the most of the eco solvent inks' benefits right from the start. Ongoing support also means that businesses can stay up-to-date with best practices and maintain the quality and efficiency of their printing operations.

MS41 Inks: A Future-Proof Investment

With the rapid evolution of printing technology, businesses must choose products that can adapt to future changes. MS41 inks are developed with the future in mind, ensuring compatibility with new printing technologies and substrates. This foresight makes MS41 inks a wise investment for businesses looking to stay ahead in the dynamic printing industry.

MS41 ink environmental impact.

SAMINK MS41 inks reflect a commitment to reducing environmental impact. Their GREENGUARD Gold Certification indicates lower chemical emissions, contributing to better indoor air quality. Additionally, the aluminum foil packaging of the eco solvent inks is designed to minimize waste and enhance recyclability. SAMINK's approach aligns with eco-friendly business practices, as it enables companies to engage in sustainable printing operations without compromising on quality or durability.

MS41 ink customer support and services.

SAMINK prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering comprehensive support and services for MS41 ink users. This includes technical assistance for installation and troubleshooting, as well as guidance on optimizing print quality and eco solvent ink efficiency. Their dedicated customer service team is trained to assist businesses in leveraging the full benefits of MS41 inks, ensuring a seamless printing experience from start to finish.

MS41 ink storage and handling.

Proper storage and handling of SAMINK MS41 inks are crucial for maintaining their quality and performance. The inks should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent degradation. SAMINK provides clear guidelines on the safe handling of inks to prevent spills and ensure user safety. By following these recommendations, businesses can preserve the integrity of eco solvent inks and ensure consistent print quality.

MS41 ink user testimonials.

User testimonials for SAMINK MS41 inks paint a picture of customer satisfaction and reliability. Businesses across various sectors report improved print quality, enhanced durability, and cost savings. These testimonials serve as real-world endorsements of MS41 inks, highlighting their versatility and performance across a range of eco solvent ink printing applications.

MS41 ink training and education.

SAMINK offers training and educational resources to ensure users can maximize the potential of MS41 inks. Through webinars, instructional videos, and hands-on workshops, customers can learn about best practices for printing and maintenance. This educational support empowers businesses to achieve optimal results with their SAMINK MS41 inks and printing equipment.

In conclusion, MS41 inks are a testament to the advancements in eco solvent ink printing technology that prioritize quality, safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Whether for intricate indoor displays or robust outdoor signage, MS41 inks offer a versatile and reliable solution for a broad range of printing needs.

Questions & Answers:

Q1: What makes MS41 inks more versatile than other inks?

A1: MS41 inks are designed for a broad range of eco solvent ink substrates, both coated and uncoated, making them suitable for various applications like signs, banners, and vehicle wraps.

How do MS41 inks contribute to cost savings in printing?

A2: With their low-maintenance formula, MS41 inks reduce the need for frequent replacements and downtime for cleaning, thus cutting overall printing costs.

Q3: Can MS41 inks be used with bulk ink systems?

A3: Yes, MS41 inks are compatible with SAMINK bulk ink systems, which allow for efficient ink management, reduce waste, and offer a longer shelf life.

Q4: What are the environmental benefits of using MS41 inks?

A4: MS41 inks have GREENGUARD Gold Certification, indicating they are suitable for use in sensitive environments and do not compromise indoor air quality.

Q5: How does the SAMINK MS41 ink system enhance printing performance?

A5: The MS41 ink system ensures consistent and reliable printing with a wide color gamut, high-density prints, and compatibility with the latest eco solvent ink print heads.

Q6: What is the advantage of MS41 inks in terms of media compatibility?

A6: MS41 inks work with a wide array of media, including vinyl, banners, and canvas, providing flexibility for businesses to tackle diverse eco solvent ink printing projects.

Q7: What certifications do MS41 inks hold, and why are they important?

A7: MS41 inks hold the GREENGUARD Gold Certification, recognized by various health and environmental agencies, ensuring safety for indoor use and compliance with several building codes.

Q8: How do MS41 inks ensure print durability?

A8: MS41 inks are highly resistant to weather, abrasion, and chemicals, offering excellent durability for long-term outdoor and indoor eco solvent ink applications without lamination.

Q9: Are there any case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of MS41 inks?

A9: Yes, case studies show that MS41 inks have been used successfully for vehicle wraps and outdoor signs, providing vibrant graphics and long-lasting durability.

Q10: What future developments are expected for MS41 inks?

A10: SAMINK is working on new eco solvent ink formulations to make MS41 inks even more cost-effective, low-maintenance, and durable, as well as expanding media compatibility.


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