SAMINK Eco Solvent Inks for Mutoh

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SAMINK Eco Solvent Inks for Mutoh

SAMINK® has since 1999 perfected ISO9001 Quality Control Eco Ultra Eco-Solvent inks for Mutoh printers. Made from the finest quality pigments, SAMINK® prints perfectly, providing accurate Pantone colors for you to create stunning displays everywhere. SAMINK® colors are OEM matched, and there is no need to flush. It features three years of outdoor durability and the most extended printhead life.

Printer Models

Mutoh ValueJet VJ-MSINK3A, 628, 1204, 1304, 1324(x), 1604, 1614, 1618, 1624(x), 1638, 2606, 2638.

Mutoh XpertJet 1641SR Pro and XpertJet 1628SR use MS41 ink bags.

MS41 Inks

The SAMINK® MS41 ink is the fourth generation of eco-solvent ink, featuring a wide color gamut, improved dot gain in high-density areas, and excellent weather, abrasion, and chemical resistance. Due to its high ink resolvability, the MS41 ink has less nozzle clogging, making it easy to maintain. Its outdoor durability without lamination is up to three years.

  • Wide color gamut, vibrant high-density output, excellent dot gain.

  • Cost-effective and operator-friendly.

  • It is ideal for long-term outdoor and indoor commercial applications.

  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

  • UV durability without lamination outdoors for three years.

  • Comparable GREENGARD Gold Certification.

MS41 inks have been developed for indoor and outdoor applications such as posters, backlit signage, banners, wall coverings, vehicle graphics, point-of-sale displays, fine art reproduction, photography, stickers, and café barriers.

MS41-BK1000 1-liter Black, MS41-CY1000 1-liter Cyan, MS41-MA1000 1-liter Magenta, MS41-YE1000 1-liter Yellow, MS41-LC1000 1-liter Light-Cyan, MS41-LM1000 1-liter Light-Magenta, MS41-LK1000 1-liter Light-Black, MS41-CL300 300ml Cleaning Liquid.


You do NOT need SmartCards when you've disabled chip sensing.

628, 1204, 1604, and 1614 printers can ONLY use 440ml SmartCards; they CANNOT use 1-liter SmartCards.

The 1324, 1624, 1618, 1638, 1638x, and 2638 printers can use 440ml and 1-liter SmartCards.

Xpertjet printers can ONLY use MS41 SmartCards.

Bulk Ink System (BIS)

Smartcard bulk ink systems are not needed for printers with chip sensing disabled. Please note that the bulk ink system cartridges are pairwise available on the printer, and you have to buy two pieces at a time. The chip-card reader is fixed sideways, and inks and smartcards are sold separately. A simple but effective way of converting your printer to accept bulk inks, the bulk ink system replaces the 440ml cartridge. A float and valve system allows ink to flow automatically in the tank to maintain pressure on the printheads. Easy refilling is achieved with a larger twist cap on the tank reservoir. The bulk ink system has a built-in reader that takes a smart card.


One VJ-HCIPADPT adapter accommodates one 1-liter ink bag.

VJ-HCIPADPT 1-liter bags

For the USA, Asia, and the Americas.

For the EU, Africa, and the Middle East.

Cleaning Swabs

One hundred pieces per bag are used to clean solvent printheads, wiper blades, wiping stations, caps, and capping stations. The long handle is suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The polyurethane foam is chemical resistant and has excellent absorbency with a 100 PPI open-cell structure.

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1 litre bottles: 9 pcs/box, 16 boxes/layer, 5 pallet layers.

5 litre bottles (13.5x18.5x30cm): 2 pcs/box (28.5x19.9x31.5cm), 20 boxes/layer, 4 pallet layers.

Eco Sol 440 mL Cartridges: 10 pcs/box, 6 boxes/layer, 10 pallet layers.

Latex 831 775 mL Cartridges: 63 pcs / pallet layer.

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