❤️Why Konica KM 512i, 1024i requires 2.5 to 45 picoliters SAM★INK®?

SAM★INK® 512i, 1024i can print from 2.5pl to 45pl for Konica Minolta KM, Seiko SPT printheads.

sam ink

New 512i, 1025i, and Seiko SPT  printheads feature an all-nozzle independent-drive multi-line system with a drive frequency of 45kHz.
This is 3 times faster than that of existing wide-format printheads.
This speed will require inks that are capable of jetting a minimum of 2.4 to 45 picoliters in 8 drop sizes.
The Konica Minolta KM 512i and1024i are new inkjet printheads for the development of single-pass inkjet printers capable of extreme high-speed printing.

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