SAM*INK® LX610 HP Latex LX

SAM*INK® LX610 American-Made-Component ink-cartridges have 5% extra pigment load that strengthens visual communication colors and heightens high-temperature light-fastness.   They are manufactured specifically for the HP Latex LX600, LX800, LX820, LX850 printers.

These ISO9001 inks deliver durability comparable to eco-solvent systems offering exceptional print durability in both indoor and outdoor applications.  SAM*INK® Latex inks are water-based, odorless, nonflammable, noncombustible, do not require hazard warning labels, contain no hazardous air pollutants, and environmentally friendly for GREENGUARD certification.

The inks are a dead on color-index matched and allows the user to switch inks without the need to flush the lines or change the color profile.  Join thousands of users who found the freedom to grow with SAM*INK® guaranteed print-head performance and warranty.



  • George Migero

    Dear Hp,

    We are a printing firm in Kenya having a HP LX 610 and would like to have a business relationship with you in regards to ink supplies, print heads and maintenance kit.

    Kindly respond so that we can take the communication further. The inks are 3lts. Also share the price.


  • gaetano

    hi Friend,
    i need ink for my L65500 Lx600 model, you have box 3lt ink?
    is possible send in Italy?

  • Gaetano

    Ciao, avete risolto i problemi per Lx 610?
    Si può ordinare inchiostro per la mia macchina?
    Chip funziona bene adesso?
    Grazie di una risposta

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