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SAM★INK® mutoh, fujifilm, oce, xerox, agfa, valuejet eco-ultra for 628, 1204, 1324, 1604, 1618, 1624, 1638, 2638, dx5, dx7 printers.

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Which mutoh printers do we support?

mutoh rockhopper I, II:  eco solvent 440ml and 1-liter type 1.

mutoh rockhopper III, 3 (Extreme):  mild sol 1-liter unicolor and unicolor v1.0

mutoh blizzard 65/90:  eco solvent 440ml and 1-liter type 1. dx4 heads.

mutoh valuejet 1204, 1304, 1604, 1614:  eco solvent 440ml type 1 and type 2.

mutoh valuejet 1618:  eco solvent 1-liter and 440ml type 2 europe region

 mutoh spitfire 65/90/100 (Extreme):  mild sol 1-liter unicolor and unicolor v1.0

mutoh valuejet VJ628, 1324, 1624, 1638, 2638:  eco solvent 1-liter and 440ml type 2 americas region.

mutoh 1638X:  not yet.

fujifilm maxjet:  maxjet 1-liter mild solvent unicolor.

oce cs 9160, 9065, 9150:  oce 9160 eco solvent 440ml

xerox 8265, 8254, 8290:  xerox 8265 eco solvent 440ml

agfa grand sherpa universal:  GSU and GSU 2-liter

agfa grand sherpa universal AM:  GSU AM

 1204, 1304, 1604 (Dx5 - 1 head), 1614, 1618 (Dx5 - 2 heads), 1624 (Dx7 - 1 head), 1638 (Dx7 - 2 heads), 2638 (Dx7 - 2 heads).

New Ink Pack Adapters:  Special 1-liter ink pack with smart card provides the functionality of a plug and play ink-cartridge together with the advantages of a bulk ink system.  Ink packs are loaded onto adapters that are permanently mounted into the printers’ ink slots.  Easy to use with no extra footprint, they offer long unattended printing along with minimum user intervention.  No mess, no wastage, no flushing, and empty packs are also easy to dispose of.

Asia vs Europe Bag Nipple/Nozzle

SAMINK® world's largest combined producer of mutoh valuejet eco-ultra solvent DX5 DX7 inks

The Wrapper's Choice

SAM★INK® eco-ultra inks produce prints that will weather harsh conditions.  Formulated for durability, these inks features superior scratch resistance.  This is critical for the production of outdoor banners and vehicle graphics.  This revolutionary ink provides rich and bright vivid prints, quicker drying time, with no fumes to manage.  In addition, this improved ink is tougher than ever before.
Fast drying time & aggressive adhesion. These inks will produce quick drying prints that will adhere more aggressively to a wider variety of substrates.  Prints can be handled right off the printer, increasing productivity.  Faster drying time also promotes longer production runs in high-speed mode.
Customers will immediately notice the outstanding image quality.  This ink set delivers unmatched Pantone color accuracy.  Due to its wide color gamut and high ink density, SAM★INK® delivers exceptionally bright and vivid colors on every print.  What's more, prints are durable outdoors for up to three years without lamination.
Inks are virtually odorless. SAM★INK® requires no special ventilation or environmental protection equipment.  These inks are safe to use, odorless and ensure a comfortable working environment.

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SAM★INK® autofill adaptor for 500ml bottles

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