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SAM★INK® for canon pixma printers.

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 sam ink canon pixma g series refill bottle

We are manufacturing this ink set for 20 years already.
SAM★INK for canon pixma
g1000, g1010, g1100, g1200, g1400, g1800, g1900, g2000, g2010, g2100, g2200, g2400, g2800, g2900, g3000, g3010, g3100, g3200, g3400, g3800, g3900, g4010, g4200, g4210, g5070, g6070
Wouldn't it be great to buy a bottle that comes with a generous supply of inks?  Great, because it's here!  Introducing SAM★INK® G inks, an absolute Gigantic bottle.  Print up to 30,000 black pages and 40,000 color pages with this 500ml bottle.  That's as many prints as you would get from 400 cartridges!  Which means that you won't have to buy ink for a very long time.  But it's not just about the quantity of output, it's about quality too, because SAM★INK® utilizes photographic formulations for more vibrant colors. Printing quality has arrived with the new SAM★INK® G inks.  Welcome them to your office!
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SAM★INK® G-500ml for canon pixma.

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