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SAM★INK® Lavender Fields and Garden Bloom refills for canon pixma G printers.

The SAM★INK Brand Promise

A Passion for Fragrance

Season after season, from reliving favorite memories to setting a mood, we share your passion for fragrance.
It’s what drives us to search the world for fresh inspiration in creating evocative, long-lasting scents that will help make your office feel just like home.


sam ink canon pixma g series refill bottle
Lavender Fields or Garden Bloom for canon, hp, & epson printers
Lots of Refreshing Prints
If you want to make lots of refreshing prints at the lowest cost, SAM★INK has just what you need. The SAM★INK Lavender Fields or Garden Bloom refills are the best deals ever. That's because they will replace 400 ink-cartridges and that's 30,000 black pages and 40,000 color pages! Print quality is also awesome because of a photographic formulation that creates deep blacks and rich colors. For lots of refreshing prints, SAM★INK is simply the best choice for you.
for canon pixma G printers
g1000, g1010, g1100, g1200, g1400, g1800, g1900, g2000, g2010, g2100, g2200, g2400, g2800, g2900, g3000, g3010, g3100, g3200, g3400, g3800, g3900, g4010, g4200, g4210, g5070, g6070
black, cyan, magenta, yellow for 
americas gi-190; usa gi-290; europe, middle-east, africa gi-490; india, south-asia gi-790; china gi-890; korea gi-990
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SAM★INK® G 500 ml refills for canon pixma G printers.

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Canon pixma G printers

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SAM★INK® 1,000,000 ml for canon pixma G printers.

$3,995.00 USD
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1 x $14/500-ml Bottle, 20-Bottles-Value-Pack, ECO*SAM® MAX Roland Eco-Sol MAX AutoFill Ink-Bottle LIGHT-CYAN. has been added to your cart
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