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SAM★INK® 831, 831A, 831B, 831C Latex Cartridges

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We've Been Making Latex Inks for Over 10 Years

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These SAM★INK® 831 latex ink cartridges are for HP Latex 310, 315, 330, 335, 360, 365, and 560 printers that use part numbers like:

831A:  CZ682A, CZ683A, CZ684A, CZ685A, CZ686A, CZ687A
831B:  CZ688A, CZ689A, CZ690A, CZ691A, CZ692A, CZ693A
831C:  CZ694A, CZ695A, CZ696A, CZ697A, CZ698A, CZ699A

We use ink components that are made in the USA. The colours and performance are an exact match so that you do not need to change any colour profiles. Just plug and play and you would not even notice the difference.

These latex inks are water-based and currently meets worldwide regulatory requirements that address a broad range of health and environmental considerations. The safety-data-sheet is available upon request.

The inks will also give you 3 years of outdoor durability without lamination. It is also widely compatible with many media and laminates.

We've got a couple of hundred clients using these 831 cartridges and they are happy with the savings.

You can trust us as we've been assembling such cartridges for well over 20 years and we've stood behind our products with our printhead warranty.

The prices offered here include the shipping cost from Singapore to your office. You will receive your orders in about 3 to 5 days depending on where you live. Our US clients usually receive them in about 3 days.

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SAM★INK® 831, 831A, 831B, 831C Latex Cartridges

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HP 831 Latex Printheads

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HP 831 CZ681A Latex Maintenance Cartridge

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