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How To OEM & Private Label For Ecommerce Eco Solvent Inks for Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh & Latex Inks 831, 831A, 831B, 831C for HP 310, 330, 360, 560?

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How To Grow Cash 10 Fold With Brands?  Reasons why Brands and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) private label.

  • Immediate deployment of latex and eco-solvent cartridge technologies.  For example ink-cartridges of ECO-SOL MAX ESL3-4BK, ESL3-4CY, ESL3-4MG, ESL3-4YE and ECO-SOL MAX 2 MAX2 for Roland Mimaki, and Eco-Ultra Mutoh; 831, 831A, 831B, 831C for HP Latex 260, 280, 310, 330, 360, 560.  Mild-solvent inks for Ricoh, Seiko SPT, and Konica Minolta.
  • Cut payroll, rents, and factory maintenance.

What do OEMs & Brands look for?

  • Enrich existing brand equity and improve customer retention.  Customize packaging for smooth and seamless integration into existing product range.  Entrench customer loyalty by applying full-color custom labels with existing logos and reorder information.  Create marketing activities and pricing strategies for effective differentiation, policy shaping, and strategic market positioning.
  • Extensive experience in collaborating, developing, and private labeling inkjet inks for the world's best and most respected OEM brands.  Unique and unsurpassed inkjet research & development capabilities in the industry.  Expert chemists, industrial scientists, application engineers, and software experts focused on inkjet formulation and micro-electronic chips integration.
  • ISO9001 & ISO14000 certificates that conform to the Americas, European Union REACH, Japan, and Middle-East SASOL import standards.
  • Confidential and proprietary in-house formulations, trade secrets, and intellectual property.
  • Material-Safety-Date Sheets MSDS certification and customer support resources that are matured and organized.

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    Mr. Jeron TAYAG.
    INKJET SYSTEMS Private Limited
    16 Kallang Place 04-22.  Singapore 339156.
    WhatsApp:  +65.8338-3690.  t: +65.6333-3302.  f: +65.6354-7632.

    Sam Leong, CEO.  WhatsApp:  +65.9011-2282.

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