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How to dropship private-label eco-solvent, latex, sublimation, and office inks?

samink oemWhy dropship, private-label, or OEM?

Zero payroll and inventory cost.

Immediate deployment of technologies in eco-solvent, latex, and dye-sublimation for roland, mimaki, mutoh, ricoh, seiko, konica minolta, and hp hardwares.

samink private

How to dropship, private-label, and OEM?

Enrich existing brand equity and improve customer retention.  Entrench customer loyalty by applying full-color custom labels with existing logos and reorder information.

We develop, and private label for OEM printer brands.  Unique research & development capabilities.

Expert chemists and software specialist focused on formulation and micro-electronic chips.

ISO9001 & ISO14000 certificates that conform to the Americas, the European Union REACH, Japan, and Middle-East SASOL import standards.

Proprietary formulations, trade secrets, and intellectual property.

Material-Safety-Date Sheets MSDS certification and customer support resources.

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