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ECO SAM Hand Sanitizer, Isopropyl Alcohol, Disinfectant Cleaner, Dispenser


ECO★SAM® Disinfectant Cleaner is on the NEA’s List of Products Effective Against Coronavirus.

NDP21 ECO SAM Government Electronic Business GeBIZ Government Vendors@Gov
Mosque, Temples, & Churches MCSTs NTU, NUS
Anglo-Chinese School Bishan Grace Clinic Aalst Chocolate
Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels Cleaning Services Kindergartens
Food Manufacturing Healthcare Institutions Government Institutions
Construction Sites Dormitories Tuition Centres
Retail Shops Dental Surgeries Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
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Alcohol: 75% hospital-grade alcohol sanitizes 99.99% germs.
Moisturizer: Our signature 🌿VICTORIA moisturizer is made with an all-natural hypoallergenic ecological palm extract that provides excellent pH 5.5 moisturizing protection for eczema-prone, dry, and sensitive skin.
Fragrance: Our signature 🌸ELIZABETH scent is a unique blend of 20 individual fragrances from natural herbs, fruits and flowers, some of which include bergamot, white tea, mandarin, ginger, peony, mimosa, and wild lavender.

1. ECO SAM HAND SANITIZER ( W.H.O. hand rub formula)

A food safe non-sticky liquid for sanitizing your hands. 100% safe to use on skin, face masks, handphones, & door handles.
Alcohol: 75%.
Moisturizer: 🌿VICTORIA.
Fragrance: 🌸ELIZABETH.

- 5-Liter (HS5). Best value.
- 2 x 500ML Pump (HS500P). 
- 5 x 60ML Spray (HS60S). Nice pocket size.


2. ECO SAM DISPENSER (Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser) for public buildings & spaces.

1.2 litres, battery-operated, & comes with a power supply.
Table stands & floor stands sold separately.
- (ASD).

3. ECO SAM ALCOHOL SANITIZER for dining tables, chairs, handles, & floors.

Alcohol: 75%.
Moisturizer: 0%.
Fragrance: 🌸ELIZABETH.
Use undiluted or mix 1 part sanitiser & 1 part water.
- 5-Liter (AS5). Best value.

4. ECO SAM ALCOHOL MOISTURIZER for the hands of food & pharmaceutical staff.

Alcohol: 75%.
Moisturizer: 🌿VICTORIA.
Fragrance: 0%.
- 5-Liter (AM5).

5. ECO SAM ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL for food & pharmaceutical equipment.

Alcohol: 75%.
Moisturizer: No.
Fragrance: No.
Use undiluted or mix 1 part alcohol & 1 part water.
- 5-Liter (IPA75).

6. ECO SAM CLEANER (Disinfectant Cleaner) for all surfaces.


This Disinfectant Cleaner on the National Environment Agency's List of Products Effective Against Coronavirus.

This is an amazingly affordable food safe disinfectant surface cleaner. Everyone loves the clean scent.

100% safe to use on all surfaces at cafes, restaurants, hotels, homes, & hawker centres. It will clean, disinfect, & deodorize surfaces like skin, food contact surfaces, pet safe, child safe, facemask, handphone, computer keyboard, office stationery, supermarket trolley handle, tables & chairs, dining tables, kitchenwares, car-interiors, microwave oven, air-con, & laundry.

Alcohol: 0%
Moisturizer: 0%.
Fragrance: ☘️Eucalyptus.

For misting, mix 1 part cleaner & 10 parts water.
- 5-Liter (DC5).
- 2 x 500ML Spray (DC500T).

  • Food safe & food grade
  • Ready to use without dilution
  • Spray & wipe in one-easy-step
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral, sanitisers 99.99% germs
  • Water-based formulation (child & pet-safe)
  • Non-toxic (food-safe for all food-contact surfaces)
  • Non-bleach (for laundry)
  • No stains or taint on floorings
  • Non-flammable (for kitchen & car-interiors)
  • Zero volatile organic compounds (for the cooking stove)
  • Suitable to be used on office work surface & pantry
  • Non-corrosive (for microwave ovens, refrigerators, air-con, & car interiors)
  • Alcohol-free (for lacquered wood furniture)

7. ECO SAM ALCOHOL-FREE HAND SANITIZER for hands & surfaces (WhatsApp Sam 9011-2282)

Great for aeroplane travellers. This is an alcohol-free, water-based, anti-microbial, non-toxic, non-flammable, no-rinse (rinse-free) hand sanitiser, hand rub, & surface cleaner that kills germs, bacteria, & viruses. It contains QAC disinfectants that will sanitize 99.99% of bacteria on hands & surfaces for infection control. It contains our signature VICTORIA moisturizer & ELIZABETH fragrance. It is very safe, comfortable, & very nice to use. The product is to be used undiluted (neat) to ensure full efficacy.

Alcohol: 0%.
Moisturizer: 🌿VICTORIA.
Fragrance: 🌸ELIZABETH.
For sanitising all commercial & industrial sectors, aeroplane seats, offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, country clubs, condos, shopping malls, cinemas, healthcare facilities, schools, places of worship, food manufacturing facilities, & homes. Suitable for Halal establishments & use.

Recommended to be used neat. Do not dilute as efficacy will be affected. Apply and spread thoroughly over hands, Rub overhand & let the product dry up on its own for full efficacy. Suitable for rinse-free hand application and cleaning of hard surfaces.

8. ECO SAM DISINFECTANT SPRAY  for food, luggage, baggage, & cargo. (WhatsApp Sam 9011-2282)


Mon-Fri before 11 AM: NEXT-DAY.
Mon-Thur after 11 AM: FOLLOWING-DAY.
Fri after 11 AM: MONDAY.


  • Why did the WHO recommended a liquid instead of gel? - A liquid has a lower surface tension than gel to seep & sanitise the small corners of our hands.
  • Expiry dates? - 3 years to 2024.
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ECO★SAM® 5-Liter Hand-Sanitizer

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ECO★SAM® 2x 500ML Hand Sanitizer Pump

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ECO★SAM® 5x 60ML Hand Sanitizer Spray

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ECO★SAM® Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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ECO★SAM® 5-Liter ALCOHOL Sanitizer

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ECO★SAM® 25-Liter Disinfectant Cleaner

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ECO★SAM® 5-Liter Disinfectant Cleaner

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