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ECO★SAM® Hand Sanitizer / Alcohol Sanitizer

ECO★SAM® CLEANER has been included in the NEA’s Interim List of Household Products Effective Against Coronavirus.

Charities, Homes for the Aged, Dormitories Government Electronic Business GeBIZ Government Vendors@Gov
Masjid Al-Taqua Mosque, Temples, & Churches Singapore Airlines Medicine Manufacturing Factories
Anglo-Chinese School Bishan Grace Clinic & Dental Surgeries Aalst Chocolate
Restaurants, Hotels. & Food Manufacturing Factories T&H Cleaning Company Kindergartens, Schools, & Tuition Centres
ECO SAMeco sam WHO

The ECO★SAM® Formula is Recommended by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

The Moisturizer is Made with an All-Natural Hypoallergenic Ecological Palm Extract that Provides pH 5.5 Moisturizing Protection for Eczema-prone, Dry, and Sensitive Skin.

The ELIZABETH Scent is a Unique Blend of 20 Individual Fragrances from Natural Herbs, Fruits and Flowers, some of which include Bergamot, White Tea, Mandarin, Ginger, Peony, Mimosa, and Wild Lavender.

This sanitizer is food-safe and you can consume food with your hands after use. We've food-grade disinfectant cleaners that are safe to use on all food preparation and food contact surfaces like dining tables, kitchenwares, and cutleries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is your product made in China? No, it's Made-In-Singapore and made by Singaporeans.

2) What's the difference between HAND and ALCOHOL Sanitizers? A hand-sanitizer is for use on your hands while an alcohol-sanitizer is for use on environmental surfaces like food preparation utensils.

3) Are your sanitizers Gel or Liquid?  They are liquid because the World Health Organization recommends a liquid for COVID-19.

4) Do you have fragrance-free or non-scented sanitizer? Yes. Please WhatsApp Sam at 9011-2282  or email

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ECO★SAM® 60ML Hand Sanitizer Spray

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ECO★SAM® Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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ECO★SAM® 5-Liter ALCOHOL Sanitizer

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