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Keep the people you care about safe
post-COVID-19 lockdown

In these unprecedented times, we've been locked down in a never-seen-before effort to keep us all safe. But now, as restrictions begin to ease and we start to return to work and school and think about socializing again, we all need to take additional precautions to stay safe and healthy.
Virus spreads from the hands
The biggest danger we face in contracting COVID-19 is through entry into the body through hand to face contact. If we pick up the COVID-19 virus from public surfaces such as door handles, handrails, escalator rails, lift buttons, and even money then touch our eyes, nose, or mouth, we risk introducing the virus into our body.
Keep your hands clean
The World Health Organization (WHO) advises washing your hands regularly to reduce the risk of hand to body transmission.  While out in public, it is not possible to wash your hands every time you touch something. Yet we are constantly exposed to the plastic and metal surfaces that the virus can live on for up to 72 hours!
Make Singapore-made ECO★SAM™ hand sanitizer available 24/7
at home, work, and on the move
Whether you are responsible for health and safety in the workplace, a busy mom worried about the health of your family or you want to keep your hands clean on the move, one clear action you can take is to make ECO★SAM™ Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Spray available wherever you are.
2-in-1 solution
ECO★SAM™ uses a WHO formula proven to kill the COVID-19 virus and in just one handy spray. It is safe to spray directly on your hands as a hand sanitizer and to spray as a disinfectant on common surfaces such as door handles so you can keep your environment clean as well.
Safe on hands & food contact surfaces- hypoallergenic pH 5.5
As well as its virus-killing ingredients, ECO★SAM™ Hand Sanitizer is made with an all-natural ecological palm oil extract that provides your skin with pH 5.5 moisturizing protection. This will essentially maintain a healthy skin lipid protective barrier. Suitable for all skin types, including eczema-prone, dry, and sensitive skin. Safe to use on food contact surfaces like utensils, cookware, and dining areas.
Approved for use in hospitals, offices, and in the home
ECO★SAM™can be ordered in bulk containers with refillable spray bottles for commercial use in hospitals and offices or in a handy 60ml flip-cap bottle for on the move and a 60ml spray bottle for in the home.
The only Singapore-manufactured hand sanitizer
Made by Singaporeans for Singaporeans, ECO★SAM™ is manufactured in Singapore and ships locally and worldwide.

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ECO★SAM™ 60ml Flip Cap

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ECO★SAM™ 60ml Spray Cap

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ECO★SAM™ 500ml Refill

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ECO★SAM™ 500ml Spray Cap

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ECO★SAM™ 500ml Pump Cap Tall

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ECO★SAM™ 500ml Pump Cap Short

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