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If you are looking for something beyond traditional relationships, the SAM★INK® distributorship is for you.

sam ink wanted

SAM★INK® guarantees ISO9001 quality at the lowest prices.

We refer clients to distributors.

Sample distributorship agreement

Sam Leong BSc MSc MBA
WA +65-9011-2282 | sam@sam-ink.com


  • iqbal

    hai… i’m iqbal from indonesia.i a student of vacatoinal school.please tell me how to be distributor,thanks

  • steve poudrier

    Bonjour j’aurais besoin d’une bonne encre pour imprimé sur le bois et le plastique à 1200 pieds carré à l’heure

    J’aimerais avoir des prix
    Pour Flora 2512 uv led Konoca Misolta 1024i


  • Wafic El-Kerdi

    Hi Sam,
    I like to join your company as distributor for Eastern Canada. i am already buying ink from your company.
    please call or email me the distributor process.


    Hope to be a Distributors for your compagny in my country ALGERIA …

  • Nagarajan

    Iam interest sir ink and roll

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