The Pandemic has come and gone, and this War is over. SAMINK

The pandemic has come and gone. War is over. SAMINK

Dear old and new SAMINK customers,

So this is 2022.

The Pandemic has come and gone, and this War is over.

On the whole, our manufacturing operations are intact and humming along nicely.

It's timely that I give an update on what we've done and some insights into the future.

Our books turned positive in 2021.

You may have noticed that we've created a new business unit in personal care and our customers have welcomed it with open arms.

We saw green shoots of demand for wide format inkjet inks rebounded to pre-covid levels and I've no doubt that it will continue to climb.

We are now securing raw materials going into 2023. Yes, we foresee a good Christmas.

I feel confident enough to ask you to plan ahead and budget to avoid Q4 traffic.

We continue to update and our YouTube channel to provide good technical services.

I wish you all a very happy 2022.

Sam Leong MSc MBA | Director | WhatsApp only +65 9011 2282.

INKJET SYSTEMS Private Limited. 56 Loyang Way 02-18. Singapore 508775.

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