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sam ink distributors


If you are looking for something beyond traditional 50 years distributorship for your children, the SAM★INK® Konica 512i 1024i mild-solvent ink distributorship is the ideal distributorship.


Bear in mind that Konica 512i, 1024i, and Seiko SPT printheads are used on 3.2-meter (10.5-feet) and 5-meter (16.4-feet) superwide-format and grand-format printers, not 1.524-meter (60-inch) printers.


Superwide-format and grand-format printer owners need a supply chain of distributors who can provide repair services.  Such printer owners do not buy directly from the ink factory.


sam ink distributors wanted


We just started recruiting and these countries have signed up:


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia✔

Dominican Republic✔

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam

Kerala, India✔

Seoul, South Korea✔

Tel Aviv, Isreal✔


What is the duty of the factory?  Help entrepreneurs become millionaires:

  1. Guarantee ISO9001 consistent, 3-years outdoor durability, Pantone accurate, 20-months shelf-life, 2-years printhead life, high-quality inks at the lowest prices.

  2. Refer territory’s customers to the distributor.


What is the duty of the distributor?  Help entrepreneurs become millionaires:

  1. Stock and distribute a mutually agreeable amount of inks.

  2. Outsource or insource printer repair services. Training will be provided.


sam ink distributors


What are the 3 common traits of successful ink distributors?

  1. Love to sing in his native language.   I can't sing Italian and so I will have to depend on a distributor to speak with customers.

  2. Love to cook his local cuisine.  I can't cook Japanese and so I will have to depend on a distributor to cater to the taste of his community.

  3. Love to travel throughout his country.  I can't travel enough to places like Argentina and so I will have to depend on a distributor to visit customers.


The successful ink distributor knows that he possesses language, cultural, and geographic traits that complement the weaknesses of the factory.  Without which it is impossible to build trust in a long-distance relationship.


I can teach a distributor everything about inks, but that which I do not know, I cannot teach.  I do not know his native language, I do not know how to cook his local cuisine, and I do not play in his backyard.


 sam ink 512i distributor agreement


512i Mild-Solvent Inks Product Data Sheet:  Click to see PDF

Sample 50 Years Distributor Agreement:  Click to see PDF

Check back with me once a week.  See you!