❤️️Trump Volatile Stock Market Index Crash, Your Time To Embrace SAM★INK® February 12 2018, 0 Comments

sam ink stock market trump

This is the right time to embrace SAM★INK®.  Particularly in Trump's USA - healthy corporate earnings and rising inflation have sent borrowing costs surging and plenty of stock market news.

Equity stock market index crash into the red as traders fret that the era of cheap cash is at an end.  Stocks are now extremely expensive.  With wage growth out of control, this week's US inflation data will be a monster of a print.

What started as a powerful way to increase profits for a select few ... the SAM★INK® "movement" has transformed into a full-blown trend.  Let's be real...it looks like this trend is going to be with us for the next 50 years.  And there's a good reason the trend has gotten so hot.  Customers survive stock market corrections and become profitable as hell.


Inks That Will Make You Embrace the Trend

1. Simple and versatile.  These SAM★INK® Roland, SAM★INK® Mimaki, and SAM★INK® Mutoh 440ml cartridges are a great way to dip your toe into the trend.

 sam ink roland

This is a great beginner's ink.  It's not difficult.  It's a cartridge that just plug and play.  You can really use it however you like.  Want FREE Shipping?  Go for 6 cartridges in a shipper box.

sam ink autofill

Want to be more profitable?  Go for 500ml no-mess Autofill bulk-ink-system.  Want to be insanely profitable?  Go for the 1000ml bulk-ink-system, and party every weekend.


2. The SAM★INK® Mimaki 600ml cartridge or SAM★INK® Mimaki 2-liter ink packs give a touch of size for Mimaki printers.  This ink is available in a variety of 6 colors.

This might be one of my favorites.  It has the simple versatility of plug and play, but the 2-liter ink pack adds more than enough.  It's almost unstoppable.


3. If you want to stick with the profitability theme but want something straight-forward, try this popular SAM★INK® Mutoh Bulk-Ink-System.

The best of both worlds here.  Bulk-Ink-Systems give maximum freedom and profitability.  Combine the two...yeah this is the ultimate profit generator.


4. SAM★INK® Konica Minolta 512i 1024i and Seiko SPT mild solvent inks ...need we say more.  This ink adds an insane amount of speed flying through Konica and Seiko print heads.

 sam ink

I can't tell if this screams "Print Money" or "You Don't Stand a Chance."  Either way...I Love It!


5. And finally some SAM★INK® latex...

I'm not sure if I can pull this off.  But if you can...you must.


Whichever stock market index bubble you're in or inks that you choose, SAM★INK® is a great way to recharge your tired business.  Perfect for times when there are trade-wars and lots of stock market news volatility.


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Sam Leong, BSc., MSc., MBA.

CEO SAM★INK® WhatsApp +65 9011-2282.