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COVID-19 Safe Management Measures & Guidelines for Manufacturing SAM*INK, ECO*SAM May 10 2020, 0 Comments

SAM INK, Inkjet Systems Pte Ltd (Company) Safe Management Measure and Guidelines for manufacturing operations.

SAM★INK® welcomes hp stitch dye sublimation printer for fashion textile January 15 2019, 7 Comments

I will share with you how fashion houses and profitable textile designers use SAM★INK® dye sublimation inks for the likes of Chanel, Dior, Louis-Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Victoria's Secret.  We welcome hp stitch dye sublimation printer.

hp stitch dye sublimation printer

sam ink fashion houses textile

Best sublimation inks for haute couture, blouses, skirts, dresses, lingerie, swimwear, scarfs, shawls, bags, shoes, jackets, shirts, shorts, ties, socks, sportswear, merchandise.

Free Trade at SAM★INK® July 07 2018, 6 Comments

free fair trade sam ink

The United States has consistently enjoyed trade surpluses with Singapore

 Singapore has no import tariffs

❤️️SAM★INK® tem Marca e Amigos no Brasil - trademark in Brasil April 28 2018, 1 Comment

sam ink brasil brazil

❤️️SAM★INK® tem Marca e Amigos no Brasil
SAM★INK® has trademark and friends in Brasil


❤️️Wide-Format Out-Of-Home (OHH) Outdoor Print Advertising Vs Facebook Google Digital Advertising. Where Are Your Million Dollar Print Deals? SAM★INK® August 09 2017, 1 Comment

sam leong ink facebook google wide format

Come find your million dollar wide-format big-deals here ...The sign, graphics, and visual communications industry are poised for continued above-average growth in 2018.  Growth in all segments is forecasted to continue above trend through the end of 2018.  For suppliers into the printing industry, the positive outlook from 2017 will carry through into 2018 without taking much of a hit.  Public spaces will grow further as out-of-home (OOH) advertising sales continue to drive growth in advertising revenue.

❤️️HURRY, SAM★INK 10% DISCOUNT PROMOTION November 23 2016, 3 Comments

sam ink hurry promotion code

Why Should You Take Advantage of Discount Codes? Feel positively good, become happier, and more relaxed with this promotion code: PROMO10%Off.

Mainly on all SAM★INK® ink-bottle and ink-cartridge products.