How and why SAM★INK® is for free and fair trade? Will my ink supplies be disrupted? August 05 2019, 0 Comments

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I like to reassure you that your supply of ink is free and fair trade and will not be disrupted.  The 7 reasons are:

  1. SAM★INK® R&D and manufactures her own inks.

  2. She uses her own property and has efficient processes.

  3. Unlike China, Singapore is not involved in, nor a party to, any ongoing trade dispute.

  4. Unlike Taiwan, she has unobstructed access to the open seas, international waters, and air space for the free movement of goods.

  5. She has the most bilateral free and fair trade agreements since 1965 and relations have evolved peacefully for more than 50 years.

  6. Like Switzerland, she is ideologically neutral and is therefore not a geopolitical threat to her neighbors, nor to any other nations on earth.

  7. She has 20 years of relationship with suppliers who are also not involved in, nor a party to, any trade war.

So rest assured that we will keep your supply chain open.

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No matter how small your order may be, we pray that you will be generous to provide an order this month.


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