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How Do You Get Self-Control?

The ability to control your emotions, desires, and reactions is a huge asset.  However, it has been very difficult to attain this state of balance and control by myself without help.

Karate for me is not just a way to improve health or to learn self-defense.  Of the many mental benefits, Karate imparts, it is the ability to develop and maintain self-control in life itself.

It’s All About Control

Karate is all about self-control - it does not teach me how to pick a fight or focus on overpowering and gaining control over a weaker opponent.  What it has imparted is the ability to use my own skills, strengths, and consciousness in a fully controlled manner so that an ugly battle can be won with both strategy and strength.

The controlled movements of Karate, the need to think before you act and the conscious act of tailoring my response to the surroundings with situational awareness - all these helped my business.

A Disciplined Approach to Learning

When I set out to learn Karate at 50 years old, I was given specific goals that are unique to me and my journey.  I did not aim for the highest goal first but learned step by step through a 3-year well-planned journey until I achieved my 'Shodan' black belt. 

The ability to focus on realistic goals is a great benefit that helped me succeed in business at SAM★INK®.  I recommend that you google a nearby Karate school and see what program best fits your needs.  All the best!


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