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❤️️Friends ask me how is free shipping even possible from Singapore to most parts of the world starting from only $200.

My answer is that a convergence of natural deep sea port, shelter from major weather system storms, no earthquakes, a strategic geographic location, multi-billion infrastructural investments, adoption of groundbreaking logistics technologies, and business trends over the past 50 years have made this possible.

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SAM★INK® is based in Singapore. Singapore has long been known as an important ‘port of call’ for traders, especially those dealing between the eastern and the western time zones.  According to the latest statistics by the World Trade Organization, Singapore is one of largest merchandise exporter in the world.

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About 3,000 international and local logistics and supply chain management companies operate in Singapore.  Singapore provides shippers a choice of 200 shipping lines with connections to 600 ports in over 150 countries.

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Singapore is the world's easiest place to do business and is a dominant country in the Import Exports. Singapore is top 3 in the world for the least corrupt country and 4th biggest global financial center.



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Fracking technologies, high oil well productivity output, economies of scale, and falling oil prices from 2015 to date have hammered wide-format eco-solvent ink prices.  Fracking technologies in the US and aggressive oil production trends in the Middle-East means that prices are not going to recover anytime soon.

samink free shipping

DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT have together invested billions into new eCommerce business divisions over the last 10 years.  When you order 6 bottles or 6 cartridges or $200 of any color to pack into one UPS, DHL, TNT, or FedEx shipper box, the shipping rates become very nice very quickly.

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Singapore is so very tiny but has over the past 50 years invested in building airport technologies and infrastructures.  New terminal 4 is slated for completion this 2017.  Terminals 5 and 6 have broken ground and the foundation is already laid.  Natural proximity and access to liquid-carrying, secured, high-volume, 24/7/365, free-trade-zone airport hub is the single biggest enabler of international e-commerce.

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High and unimpeded volumes of raw materials, machine components, the business rule-of-law, access to capital, and human resource talents have also converged and come together.  Tiny Singapore is naturally located at the intersection of the world's busiest air routes and sea routes to realize this convergence.

Notable countries that enjoy free shipping from Singapore are The United States, Canada, Mexico; The European Union - Germany, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Spain, Italy; Asia-Pacific - Japan, Australia, China, India, and Indonesia.

With free shipping, customers can also enjoy duty-free de minimis import!


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