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512i mild solvent printer inks sam ink

 The new SAM★INK® 512i-1 series digital inks are designed to facilitate excellent print cost performance across a range of high-resolution print head technology in the wide and superwide format mild-solvent market sector.  This promotes excellent cost performance on Konica Minolta 512i, 1024i, Seiko SPT 255, 510, 1020, Spectra Polaris, & Spectra Skywalker print heads.

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 Features & Benefits

Wide color gamut space allowing extensive color range.  Highest quality pigments and resin polymers give vibrancy and color intensity when printed.  A long-term exterior outdoor performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and color fading.  All SAM★INK® 512i-1 series inks are formulated for maximum adhesion to an extensive range of self-supporting flexible and pressure sensitive vinyl, scrim banner materials, blue back paper, and backed mesh.



Colors:  Cyan 512i-1C, Magenta 512i-1M, Yellow 512i-1Y, Black 512i-1K.

Ink type & drop:  Mild-solvent 12 pico-liters & above.

Resolution:  720 x 720 dpi & above.

Print heads:  Konica 512i, 1024i, Seiko SPT 255, 510, 1020, Spectra Polaris, Spectra Skywalker.

Outdoor durability:  12-months (1-year).  SAM★INK® 512i-1 series inks are designed and guaranteed for maximum outdoor resistance to color fade and chemical attack caused by the combined effects of UV degradation and environmental pollution.  Each color is formulated with durable long-term outdoor pigments.  When used with proper color management, color variance from the original print density will be minimal over a period of 12 months for vertical outdoor exposure.  To ensure that the color properties do not change during outdoor exposure, it is important to use proven substrates (flexible vinyl and pressure sensitive vinyl) that do not “yellow” or vary from their original white cast when exposed outdoors.


 Operating requirements

Operating temperature range:    15 to 30° C

Storage temperature range:       5 to 35° C (2 years)

Storage humidity range:             10 to 80% RH


 Physical dimensions and weight

Count of volume per bottle (liters) 5-Liter Bottle 1-Liter Bottle
Bottle dimensions W x D x H (mm) 135x184x286
Bottle weight (kg) 4.75 kg 0.98 kg
Count of bottle per carton box 2-bottles 6-bottles
Count of volume per carton box (liters) 10-liters 6-liters
Count of carton box per layer 20-boxes 18-boxes
Count of volume per layer (liters) 200-liters 108-liters
Count of carton box layer per pallet 4-layers 4-layers
Count of carton box per pallet 80-boxes 72-boxes
Count of volume per pallet 800-liters 432-liters
Count of volume per 20 feet container 8,000-liters 4,320-liters



  ISO9001:2000 Certified

SAM★INK® pursues both environmental protection & continuous quality improvement.  Under the philosophy of preserving the environment & human health, SAM★INK® is actively working to abolish harmful solvents, to reduce & recycle waste, to reduce power use, & to purchase recycled products.  SAM★INK® constantly strives to provide the most highly reliable products available.


I see 2 reasons why the Konica Minolta 512i is a winner:

512i and 1024i printheads can print in one single-pass up to 8 drop sizes with high productivity.  This means that you get very much large color gamuts and smooth graduations for skin tones with only four ink colors - CMYK.  You get very high-resolution prints on 5-meter machines!

512i and 1024i spare parts and service technicians are available freely on the open market.


512i-1 datasheet

512i 1024i datasheet


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Sam Leong BSc. MSc. MBA.

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512i Flex Printing Inks Allwin Konica Minolta 30pl Solvent Price