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Large Format Printer Inkjet Serviceman

SAM*INK® Serviceman

People often ask...

"Sam, what makes a professional SAM*INK® serviceman?"

I tell them...

"Someone who can fix large-format printers inside out,
Someone who keeps their promise & shows up on time,
An honest trustworthy person,
Someone who takes ownership, and
Cleans up when he is done
Someone like...the SAM*INK® serviceman
That's right...your most trusted printer repair service
SAM*INK® serviceman...We Work Harder."

I want you to know that we stand behind our work 100%.
That means we are not done until you are satisfied.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We can offer this guarantee because our professional servicemen have a minimum of 15 years experience in multiple trades.  Performing ALL types of services on the HP DesignJet, Roland SolJet Pro & VersaArt series, Mutoh ValueJet series, Mimaki JV3 JV33 JV5 series, & A-StarJet printers.  We are ready to work hard.

That means with a single phone call, you can take care of your entire to-do list. Everything from cleaning ink-tubes to a complete new printer install and have it done right the first time.  It is like adding time to your week.  Giving you more free time.

Competent and trustworthy, our servicemen have undergone thorough criminal background checks and will arrive in your office wearing a clean uniform, carry an identification, and in a well-marked van.  And, we show up on time.

Let SAM*INK® serviceman be the service you are so happy with you want to recommend us to your family and friends.  One call does it all.  Click franchisees to lean more about the SAM*INK® services you need.

What happens when you a call a SAM*INK® Serviceman?

  • He, 'the Serviceman', will ask you for your company's name & he will ask if you are calling for the very first time.
  • If you are a current customer, he will check his SAM*INK® accounting software to get a history of the services he provided you in the past.  This will help him quickly get down to identifying the printer's history of repairs.
  • If you are a new customer, he will pull out a New Customer Application Form & fill it in for you on the phone.
  • He will then ask for the printer's model, its serial number, & the problems you see on the printer.
  • If this is a problem that does not need an on-site service, he can give a few free tips on how to fix it yourself.
  • If this is a serious enough problem that needs and on-site service, he will be compassionate & honestly explain that in order to get the printer printing again in the least amount of time & the lowest amount of cost, that you will need an on-site service.
  • He will tell you that we do not have a habit of overcharging and he will ask if you need a Service Quote.
  • If you do not want an Service Quote, he will politely say "Thank you for the call, it is a pleasure to serve you".
  • If you want a Service Quote, he will say "Please let me will call you back in 5-minutes".  During which, he will then go to the SAM*INK® accounting software to type out the Service Quote & fax it over to you.

What happens after a Service is completed?

  • Upon return to the office, the Serviceman will punch in his time card.
  • If the Serviceman collected cash, the accounts department will sign over the possession of the cash.
  • The Serviceman will make two copies of the customer's cheque payment, travel expenses e.g. taxi receipts, customer signed service invoice, customer signed service report.
  • He will file them into two folders, one for the Serviceman's desk, and one for his supervisor for audit purposes.


Franchise Opportunity

3.promotion logo reduce reuse recycle.jpg - 18.44 Kb

Over the last 10 years, SAM*INK® has helped many individuals like you be in business for themselves and live out their dreams.  To learn of our SAM*INK® serviceman opportunity, we have designed a thorough discovery process.  It is an organized step-by-step procedure that values your time, provide the information you need , and makes for a productive and enjoyable experience.  I would like to congratulate you on taking the initial step to seize control of your professional career, to revitalize your personal life, and to secure your family's future.  And you have made a wise decision to explore the SAM*INK® serviceman franchise opportunity because you will be following an established and proven business model with systems and support that minimize your risk and increase your potential for success.  If you are ready to take the next step.  Please take a couple of minutes to complete our short confidential Franchise Application Qualification form and let the process begin.


SAM*INK® Serviceman
We understand that your printer has to be printing as soon as possible at a reasonable cost.  The SAM*INK® service division trains & certifies SAM*INK® Servicemen.  SAM*INK® Servicemen have an accredited technical education and are annually certified in an examination at our training facility in Singapore.  Only certified SAM*INK® Serviceman will service your printers.  SAM*INK® Servicemen are certified on one or more of the following printers: the HP DesignJet printers, HP OfficeJet Pro printers, Roland SolJet Pro III printers, Mutoh ValueJet printers, and Mimaki JV3 JV33 printers.


SAM*INK® Serviceman Quote

After officer hours 5pm - 8pm: add 50%.

Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays 10am - 12pm: add 100%.

We help customers save money and will only quote the lowest amount of parts to change.

Terms & Conditions:
Due to wear & tear, the SAM*INK® Serviceman may find that you will need to change more parts than those initially invoiced.  Upon discovering this, the SAM*INK® Serviceman will stop work and ask the SAM*INK® Franchisee to provide a new quote to explain your repair options.

You, the Customer, will have the authority to decide if you want to continue with the repairs because the final cost will depend on the total quantity of spare-parts used and the man-hours expensed.

If we have stock, we will arrive within 2 work-days from the date of the signed invoice.  If we do not have stock, we may arrive within 3 work-weeks.  The new parts are warrantied for 30-days and are not returnable.  We will change and take-back defective parts.

The top characteristic of a happy Serviceman. They Don't Do Things They Don't Want To Do.  Many people end up getting persuaded to take on tasks or do something out of a sense of guilt.  Or maybe they just don't have the strength of character to be able to say no.  Those who are emotionally strong are able to politely but assertively explain why they can't and why they won't do something that doesn't fit in with their own plans.  They refuse to be controlled.

SAM*INK® Serviceman Terms & Conditions

1. Support Service
  • SAM*INK® Serviceman will provide the services described in this Agreement.
2. Price and Payment
  • Prices does not include local government's goods and services tax. Payment must be paid upon completion of services either by cash or cheque. The Serviceman reserves that rights to discontinue service and take back spare-parts if the customer refuses to pay.
3. Eligible Printers
  • Printers must be in normal working condition and not be severely damaged or broken to a point where service is obviously useless. We reserves the right to inspect printers to ensure they are in good working condition before proceeding with the quotation or on-site service.
4. Warranty - Replacement Parts
  • (a) Replacement parts are warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship. We will not install a defective part and if it is immediately reported within 3 working days, we will replace the defective part.
  • (b) This warranty is exclusive and no other warranty, whether written or oral, is expressed or implied. We disclaims any implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose.
5. Remedies and Liabilities
  • (a) To the extent the SAM*INK® Serviceman is held legally liable to a customer, liability is limited up to the cost of the replacement part and the service that was invoiced and paid.
  • (b) The remedies provided here are the customer's sole and exclusive remedies. In no event will the SAM*INK® Serviceman and its associates be liable for damages relating to loss of data or software restoration; damages relating to customer's purchase of substitute products or services; damages that are incidental, special or consequential, including down-time cost and loss profits. We shall not be held liable for bodily injury or death.
6. Limitations of Service
  • (a) Services are provided for qualified parts. Products not supplied or qualified by the SAM*INK® Serviceman will be considered as non-qualified parts. Customer is responsible for removing non-qualified parts to allow us to service the printer. If the service is made more difficult by non-qualified parts, the Serviceman has to right to charge the extra labor time to remove non-qualified parts.
  • (b) Services do not include repairs to printers damaged by: non-SAM*INK® products, or products that are not designed to be used on the printer; site conditions that are unfavorable or out-of-specification for the printer like inconsistent electrical power supply, too high a temperature and humidity; accident, fire, exposure to water, neglect, improper use, lightning, electrical power supply disturbances, and inappropriate modifications.
  • (c) Services do not include work external to the printer or replacement of operating supplies and consumables.
  • (d) Relocation of printer is customer's responsibility. Relocation may result in extra labor charges.
7. Customers Responsibilities
  • (a) Customer will provide SAM*INK® Serviceman with supplies like printheads, ink-cartridges, and papers, and such similar items as Customer would use during normal operations.
  • (b) Customer is responsible for the security of its properties.
  • (c) Customer is responsible for the back-up of their software programs and data.
  • (d) A staff of the Customer must be present on-site at-all-times to witness the Serviceman performing service.
  • (e) Customer must ensure that the work environment does not pose a potential health hazard to the service personnel.
8. Local Laws
  • This Agreement shall be governed by the country's local law.
9. Entire Agreement
  • This Agreement and any attachments hereto constitutes the entire understanding between the parties relating to the service transaction hereunder.
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