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Independent Service Providers (ISPs)

What happens when you call for Service?

  • When you do not need an on-site service, we will give some free tips on how to fix it yourself.
  • When the printer needs and on-site service, we will email a Service Quote.


Labor Costs

We help customers save money and will only quote the necessary amount of parts to change.   During the service, the Technician may need to replace additional parts. New parts are warrantied for 30-days and are not returnable.


Service Terms & Conditions

1. Price and Payment
  • Prices may not include local taxes.  Payments accepted upon completion of services by bank transfer.
3. Eligible Printing Machines
  • Printer should be repairable.  We may inspect the machine before proceeding with service.
4. Warranty
  • Replacement parts are warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship.
  • This warranty is exclusive and no other warranty, whether written or oral, is expressed or implied.
5. Remedies and Liabilities
  • Our liability is limited up to the cost of the replacement part and service.
  • The remedies provided here are the customer's sole and exclusive remedies.  We will not be liable for extraordinary damages.
6. Limitations of Service
  • Services are provided for qualified spare parts.  Spare parts not supplied  by us will be considered as non-qualified parts.
  • Services do not include replacement of operating supplies and consumables.
7. Customers Responsibilities
  • Customer will provide supplies like printheads, ink-cartridges, and papers.
  • Customer is responsible for the security of its properties and the back-up of their software programs and data.
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